Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ghost Dancer

Ghost Dancer

Austina Love

Divine Destinies Books

Beware of this hitchhiker--she's dangerously sweet with a rare gift. Keep one eye on her and the other on your shadow.

She was among America's finest, a retired military officer and weapons specialist, home to resume life as a civilian on her family's South Dakota farm. What she discovers upon her return can't possibly be legal.
After seeking guidance from the spirits of her Native American ancestors, Shye is given the ability to shift into her shadow. While in silhouette form she has the power to assume the identity of others by absorbing their shadows for a short time.

What she does with this gift turns a quiet town upside down and one man's life into utter chaos. Will Trip Viper give her another ride when he learns the truth about her? Or will he ignore his burning passion for the raven-haired vixen and ride off into the sunset alone?

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