Friday, November 30, 2012

Hot & Spicy

Hot & Spicy

P.T. Macias


A red-blooded saga of the De La Cruz familia and their fortunes is centered on romantic relationships of the explosively passionate kind. 

The first novel Hot & Spicy, the familia encounters danger, action, and pasion. The bachelor battles the deadly Mexican cartel to protect his amor, familia, and fortune encountering romance, tantalizing ecstasy, and danger.

Jose Enrique De La Cruz is the eldest of los primos. He’s completely in command of the familia’s empire. Jose Enrique is expected to introduce his fiancĂ©e to la familia at the company’s 25th anniversary celebration. La familia has no clue that he doesn’t have one.

He doesn’t have time to commit to a chica, not until he meets Jessica Maria Cortez. Jessica rocks his world and unchains his alma. The hot passion rages through his blood erupting into hot spicy amour.

Jessica Maria Cortez has always loved him and grasps this opportunity.

The passion, danger, and hot tantalizing ecstasy rocks Jose Enrique’s world. Jose Enrique is thrust into war, danger, and suspense. The De la Cruz’s defy the deadly Mexican Cartel dictates.

Everything breathless and romantic is magnified by author P. T. Macias into a fever of tactile writing, intense pacing, cohesion, and love.  

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