Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday's Tidbits

Hi All!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday. Here in Vienna, Austria, it is still cold though little snow is left on the ground. Don’t forget to check out our sister blog, The Log Line Blog, where Wednesday’s Wisdom went over just how easy it was to shorten a link without software.

Again, I’m going to be short and simple as I have lots on my plated. As authors, we all look for review spots. Here’s a few to start you off.

A Buckeye Girl Reads
Contact:        Colette at
Genres:          urban fantasy
                        historical romance
                        paranormal romance
                        science fiction romance (in the vein of Gini Koch’s Alien series)
                        historical fiction
                        erotica especially menage
                        YA with paranormal or dystopian elements
                        Might consider mysteries, science fiction and M/M.
Doesn’t Do:  inspiration fiction
                        motivational books
Notes:            Appears to be only taking on books from authors they have previously
                        reviewed. Welcomes ebooks and self-published authors. Check website for                             more information.
Members:     493

Elegantly Bound Books
Contact:        Crystal at
Genres:          young adult
                        paranormal romance
                        historical romance
                        urban fantasy
                        science fiction
                        adult fiction
Doesn’t Do:  Not listed.
Notes:            Accepts ebooks.
Members:     530

Cover Art Review
Genres:          All
Doesn’t Do:  None listed
Notes:            This is the place to get your cover art reviewed. Expect an honest critique.
Members:     77 (Listed in this section because it’s the only one of its kind.)

Good Choice Reading
Genres:          Adult, YA, middle grade; Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy,                             Dystopian, novella’s, Steampunk, Mystery and Thriller    
Doesn’t Do:  Non-fiction, Memoirs, Biographies
Notes:            Not sure but looks like they accept indie/self-published on a case by case
Members:     2430

Bumps In The Road
Genres:          YA
                        Romance (Contemporary, Paranormal and Historical)
                        Erotica (sparingly)
                        Urban Fantasy
                        Dystopian novels
Doesn’t Do:  Not Listed
Notes:            The Eclectic Bookshelf is a mainly a book blog with the occasional talk
                        about their knitting projects and personal items. They to read everything
                        but only take requests in the above listed genres.
Members:     416

As a reminder, I make no endorsement of any listed reviewer/book blogger and try to give as much pertinent information as possible. I can also not guarantee the continued existence of the blog but at its inclusion, the blog was live and viable.

As always, if you have any information to share on Thursday's Tidbits, just let me know. See you all next week!


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