Monday, December 10, 2012

Pillow Stalk

Pillow Stalk

Diane Vallere

Polyester Press

Interior Decorator Madison Night has modeled her life after a character in a Doris Day movie, but when a killer targets women dressed like the  bubbly actress, Madison's signature sixties style places her in the middle of a homicide investigation. The local detective connects the new crimes to a twenty-year old cold case, and Madison's long-trusted contractor emerges as the leading suspect. As the body count piles up like a stack of plush pillows, Madison uncovers a former spy, a campaign to destroy all Doris Day movies, and six minutes of film that will change her life forever.

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  1. Interesting take on a classic movie idol. I'm not necessarily one for murder mystery stories, but this one has piqued my interest. Will have to investigate further....