Friday, May 17, 2013

Showdown in Durango

Showdown in Durango

Derek Adams

eXtasy Books

Johnny Dalton is in big trouble. Mired in poverty and desperate to escape the clutches of his landlord’s henchmen, he turns to prostitution to pay his bills. When he and the friend who recruited him into the life are betrayed to the police, Johnny flees again, this time out West. Attacked by Indians and then kidnapped by ruthless outlaws, Johnny’s chances of a fresh start are looking grim until he meets Andy Shepherd, the Sheriff of Durango. No sooner has he has finally met the man of his dreams when he learns that he is to be part of a plot to rob a gold shipment coming through Durango. Caught on the wrong side of the law, his life once again in danger, he is desperate to stay alive and avoid losing the man he loves. Then the robbery goes wrong and Johnny's worst nightmares appear to be realized. Is a new beginning possible, or is Johnny doomed to be lynched by an angry mob?


  1. I really enjoyed reading this book. Johnny had a tough life, but managed to overcome all obstacles in his search for true love.

    Often brutal, sad and poignant, the author weaves a gripping tale.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed this tale of the old west. I had a great time writing it.