Monday, December 3, 2012

I Want That One

I Want That One

Paige E. Roberts

Freya’s Bower

A powerful lady in futuristic New York kidnaps and enslaves the sexy man whose hands have dared to touch her feet.  Watch her tame him in "I Want That One."
Lady Jane wants Will for her slave, and she'll pay a high price to get him.  Will dreams of a life under her spike heels, but in the future city-state of New York, it's illegal to enslave a free man.  Jane, once a notorious hacker, now a network security consultant, isn't used to letting a little thing like the law keep her from getting what she wants.  When a bound and naked Will is delivered to her kitchen door, she takes great pleasure in using leather cat and cuffs and cruel penetrating sex games to tame him.  But Will must prove his loyalty to her before he can take his rightful place forever kneeling at her perfect feet.

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