Sunday, January 6, 2013

Murder Without Pity

Murder Without Pity

Steve Haberman

Self Published

Paris at the start of the second millennium: dark with fog, riots over police killings, and Far Right demagogues. Here state criminal investigator Stanislas Cassel works at the Palace of Justice. Ashamed he’s a grandson of a French Nazi collaborator during Germany’s WWII Occupation of France, he avoids anything political. Instead he buries himself, solving small crimes.  

One dossier involves a pensioner’s bizarre murder. During his investigation, Cassel meets a beautiful Jewish woman, whose family the Germans killed.  Haunted by this, she tries to alert him to the Far Right’s re-emergence, but to no avail.

Tragedy strikes. He awakes to his blindness and understands a murderous evil, larger than his small crimes, as the Occupation portended, lurks. This understanding helps him proceed with his investigation to the end.

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