Friday, January 4, 2013

Chaos and Flies

Chaos and Flies

A.C. Ellas

eXtasy Books

Honor. Duty. Love. Blackmail. Intrigue. Lust. Flies. Yes, flies. Killer blood-seeking flies have been the bane of Koilatha since the founding. They’re rumored to live in the ruins of an ancient temple of evil, not that anyone has ever gotten close enough to find out for certain. As a high priest, Rak is duty-bound to investigate these flies. The sun priest attempting to purify him and the palace functionary blackmailing him complicate matters, as does his brother’s near death at the hands of an ambitious woman and the king’s continued attempts to force him to accept the position as heir to the throne.

The worst thing of all is that, while sober, Jisten won’t settle for lust—he wants it all. And never mind that Rak has seduced him twice already. Where does honor lie when intrigue, duty, and love conflict?

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