Monday, January 14, 2013

In Jen's Words

In Jen's Words

Jennifer Brown

No Boundaries Press

Jennifer and Justin Barnes have been raised by their older brother Jacob since they were teenagers...little did Jacob know he was raising a third personality as well.

The Barnes have been through it all. The loss of their parents in a car crash, rape, and incarceration. But nothing could prepare them for what they are about to deal with. When Jacob decides to run for mayor of Springwood, Ohio, someone else decides to haunt him and his family, using his younger sister's alter-personality as leverage in their game.

After Jen's mental disorder is made public, the first of many shocking revelations are made, including who her biological father really is. She is ordered into custody in the mental health wing of Springwood Memorial as a case is built against her for the murder of Davis Cauley, a former local news anchor.

Jacob gets his sister released in time for the holidays, only for another murder to occur. The body of Brenda Sowers, Davis Cauley's sister is found in Mercy Park, the same area where her brother was found-in a storage shed, with hedge clippers in his back, and Jen across from him with no memory of what happened.

More incriminating evidence links Jen to Brenda's murder, as Black Friday looms. The big weekend draws Jacob to the mall, where he's in for another surprise. A photo of his brother sent to his phone reveals another huge secret, involving all of Springwood.

As the Barnes recover from what has been a very turbulent fall, other secrets are lurking and waiting to be revealed as a family faces a trial of issues to come.

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