Monday, January 14, 2013

Her Wolfen Destiny

Her Wolfen Destiny

Dakota Trace

No Boundaries Press

Braden Donnghal, the first American born, Irish-Scottish werewolf is packless after the death of his parents. In an effort to get back into the good graces of his parents' former pack, he has to prove his worth by escorting the Alpha's intended mate back to the pack. It seems easy enough - all he has to do is deliver her untouched by the next full moon for her claiming. He's prepared to avoid the roving enemy soldiers, bombs and even Emma's father, the feared MacDonald, but what he isn't prepared for his reaction to the high-spirited but seductive Emma MacDonald. Or his unrelenting desire to claim her as his own. But if he does, he'll be exiled if not killed on sight.

Emma MacDonald has been told since birth that her destiny is to give birth to the saviors of her race, twin russet wolves, in an upcoming racial war with the humans. But being a woman raised in the midst of the Great War, she is tired of war and vows to flout her father's decree that she marry the neighboring Alpha of the Donnghal clan. When Braden arrives to escort her to the Donnghal Alpha she unprepared for his awakening of her wolf, which can only mean one thing. He's her mate and her escape from her betrothal. If he mates her she doesn't have to marry his uncle. Her hopes are dashed however when Braden cruelly rejects their bond. But that ceases to matter when the pack which Braden hopes to join turns on him.

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