Friday, April 12, 2013

Mad Maggie and The Mystery of the Ancients

Mad Maggie and The Mystery of the Ancients

Rod Raglin

Devine Destinies

Crazy for you?

Mystery, magic and madness versus logic, cause and affect – can love find a middle ground?

Maggie talks to trees.
Dieter talks to corporations.
Maggie embraces mystery and flirts with magic.
Dieter adheres to logic and the doctrine of Nietzsche.
Dieter’s client wants to destroy the trees.
The trees want Maggie to protect them.
Dieter has terminal cancer.
Maggie is schizophrenic.
Maggie says she can save him, if he’ll save the trees.
Dieter thinks she’s crazy, but what choice does he have?
A week together alone on Deadman’s Island changes everything.
Is it madness? Is it magic? Or is it love?

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