Monday, April 22, 2013

A Journey of Different Proportions

A Journey of Different Proportions

Marie Laurent

No Boundaries Press

In a society that despises twins, Milo and Delilah see the opportunity of a lifetime when they come home to an empty village and no sign of where the inhabitants went. They have the chance to redeem themselves and all twins in their unfortunate country; the chance to save the last member of their family and everyone else. But along their path, the twins explore more than the surrounding woods and seem to make more enemies than friends.

Alluring fey, angry villagers, and incredible noises make the task the twins set out upon seems more and more impossible as their journey grows longer. The lessons along the way about sex, love, and people are no easier than the physical hurdles before Milo and Delilah.

In this erotic adventure, not all things are what they seem. Even with all they learn, the twins cannot face the entity that took their town alone.

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