Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Her Knight in Black Leather

Her Knight in Black Leather

JM Stewart

Crimson Romance

Cat Edwards wants one night of freedom from the repressive weight of her mother’s tarnished name. Dragged to a bar by her best friend, the shy bookworm quickly gets in over her head, but she finds chivalry isn’t dead after all when a dark, mysterious stranger comes to her rescue.

Michael Brant has returned to the town he swore never to come back to in order to make peace with his past. His first night home, he’s captured by a damsel in distress. Cat’s beauty is made all the more alluring when he realizes she has no idea who he is.

As the town erupts with the news of his return, Michael’s dark past comes back to haunt him, putting Cat danger. Compelled to protect her and keep history from repeating itself, Michael offers her his family’s name in order to keep her safe. But when the lie spirals beyond their control, can they stop their hearts from becoming entangled as well? 

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