Monday, March 25, 2013

Game of Hearts

Game of Hearts

L.B. Shire

No Boundaries Press

Alice Sommers: She ran away with her fiance, hoping to move west and improve her lot in life. Instead, she finds herself deserted and thrust into the clutches of a madman. Only one man can save her; if she can convince this handsome cowboy she's worthy of his trust.

Ty Sullivan: He'd searched for years for his lost sister, who's trail led him to Warren Hughes ranch. The man, he finds to be insane. And now, the man's daughter is begging for his help. Only things aren't what they appear; Miss Alice Sommers is part of this madman’s crazy scheme. Should he trust her? Ty knows deep in his heart he can't leave her behind, for in the short time they've been together, she's managed to weave herself into his heart.

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