Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue Ninja

Blue Ninja

J.L. O’Faolain

No Boundaries Press

Ichikawa Aoshi is a nukenin, an outlaw ninja on the run from his clan. Since he fled one night, he's been hiding right under the clan leaders' collective nose in the metropolis of Tokyo. Since his exodus, he's taken refuge in the last place anyone would expect to find him: a Japanese high school. Able to pass for seventeen, Aoshi spends his mornings passing himself off as an average student. By night, he works with a small group of fellow outcasts doing dirty work for Japan's underworld. When a seemingly random encounter causes strange powers to manifest from him, Aoshi must seek answers despite the danger. A powerful goddess has awoken inside him, and his clan, the Hyakuzyu Tenko, now wish to welcome him back with open arms. Not everyone is happy with this unforeseen turn of events, however. One of Aoshi's oldest rivals is determined to see him dead before the Hyakuzyu Tenko shadow masters can claim the power that is slowly growing in him. As the ravenous hunger of the Nine-Tailed Woman goes, Aoshi finds his body wracked with pleasures he cannot control, but it is his heart that that has the most to lose.

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