Monday, May 27, 2013

Eva Hore's Collection of Short Stores

Eva Hore's 
Collection of Short Stories
Volume 1

Eva Hore

No Boundaries Press

Eva Hore has ten tantalizing stories sure to evoke feelings in you from unbelievable to the horniest. Each story is packed with something different to arouse the innermost feelings of every reader. From Christmas at Her Horny Aunts, this boyfriend will be happy to spend every vacation visiting relatives and when a sad, lonely girl literally has a guy bump into her on New Year’s Eve at Times Square he changes her and gives her a resolution she didn’t even know she needed. An Icy Cold Weekend will have you wondering what could possibly happen next as you race through each page and Juliette the Slut is exactly that, a slut! My Boyfriend the Photographer and others will put a smile on your face at the outrageous Behaviour of some people when temptation is put right in front of you. Be sure to find a nice quiet setting where you won’t be interrupted because once you begin reading you won’t want to put this collection down.

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