Monday, February 11, 2013

Crimson Moon

Crimson Moon

Samantha Drane

No Boundaries Press

Legend states that a crimson moon only appears when a new vampire is created. Jade Stevens never thought that this legend would ever apply to her.

Six months after losing Alex, she's trying to get her life back on track. Now in charge of the museum's research and acquition department, she comes face to face with Caleb Stone. She can't deny the raw energy burning between them, but does not want to disrespect the memory of the man she loved.

As they grow closer both in and out of the office, a figure from Caleb's past re-emerges looking for revenge. Now Jade is caught in a tug of war, where she's the prize.

Now in the wake of a daring attack on Jade that leaves her hovering between life and a miserable undead existence, Caleb risks it all in a last ditch effort to save the woman he's grown to love.

Will a crimson moon rise tonight?

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